FAHRO's home page is being used for information on disaster recovery and assistance and will be updated frequently.  Using the home page keeps our members from having to go through the the log in process and access information immediately.  

HUD’s Office of Field Policy and Management has provided the following information, which will be sent to everyone in the next PIH Newsletter.

PHA Disaster Preparedness Resources

Resources on the new PHA Disaster Preparedness page assist PHAs in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters:

  • PHA Disaster Readiness, Response, and Recovery (D3R) Guidebook: Updated from 2016, this is the primary resource for PHAs before, during, and after disasters. In conjunction with other resources, the guidebook will assist PHAs to develop a more resilient portfolio and, when impacted, expedite the recovery process. (Section 4.5 Funding Sources)
  • PHA: Applying for FEMA Public Assistance: Assistance is available after a presidential major disaster declaration or emergency declaration; however, PHAs have expressed challenges in accessing these funds. FEMA developed this fact sheet to help PHAs navigate the program and expedite the recovery process. For more information, refer to FEMA’s Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide.

 The resource, ‘Applying for FEMA Public Assistance’ fact sheet, and Section 4.5 Funding Sources (starting on page 38 of the PHA Disaster Guidebook) will be most helpful.  I would also note the following:

 Florida Community Loan Fund is opening its Hurricane Recovery Loan Program, which will offer low-cost loans to current FCLF borrowers in good standing on a first-come, first-served basis with the following terms: 

• Eligible Uses: damage, reconstruction, or program services working capital 
 Up to $150,000 maximum loan size 
 0% interest, no payments for up to 24 months 
 Interest Rate: 0% for 2 years, 2.5% years 3-7 
 Conversion: after the initial 2-year period, there will be monthly payments to fully amortize the loan over the remaining 5 years at 2.50% 
 No fees 
 Eligible Project Types: any of the borrower's projects affected by hurricane damage, regardless of whether the project was initially financed by FCLF

 To apply and for more information click here.