Agency Membership

Agency Members

Agency members, defined as any legally constituted subsidized housing, redevelopment, public housing agency or non profit housing agency resident in Florida, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands, shall be eligible for membership in the Association.  Agencies shall be represented by their Executive Director, CEO or other duly appointed representative.  

PHA Member Dues are as follows: 

$1.40 per unit 
Annual Maximum dues are $7,500.00 
Annual Minimum dues are $250.00

Membership dues are billed with a renewal date of 10/1, annually.  


Limited to those individuals who are not eligible as agency members; and who have distinguished themselves in promoting the objectives of FAHRO, low-income or affordable housing.  Nominations for this award may be made by an agency member to the FAHRO Board of Directors at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting, and must be supported by a narrative summary.  The Board may approve or disapprove the nomination by a majority vote. 


Limited to past FAHRO Presidents; and any executive director, commissioner, or staff employee who has served in an exemplary manner, was a member of FAHRO for 20 years or more, who is no longer active in a housing related or community development agency, who is recommended for lifetime membership by the Board, and elected by the voting delegates at the Annual Meeting. 

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