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The 2024 Awards Cycle is OPEN! 


At the FAHRO Annual Conference and Trade Show we acknowledge FAHRO members and Housing Authorities who stand out in our communities. Now is the time to nominate your peers to be recognized at the Awards Ceremony and Banquet Dinner on Thursday, August 22, at the Sunseekers Resort in Charlotte Harbor, FL. 


The deadline for ALL categories and submissions will be Friday, June 28, 2024.  To complete a nomination, click on the highlighted name of the award below and complete the submission form.  It is that easy!


Each award category has a separate form submission.  You may nominate more than one person/agency but must submit a separate form for each nomination. YOU MAY EVNE NOMINATE YOURSELF!

Listed below are the award descriptions and the individual links to each submission form. 


Best Practices Award       

Each year, FAHRO acknowledges select organizations whose innovative practices may help to establish better, more efficient methods in which to service those who qualify for affordable housing, as well as our communities.

Outstanding Agency of the Year Award


The Outstanding Agency Award will be presented to a small and large agency that is currently recognized as high-performing, and whose efforts from the last year warrant special recognition based on:

     1. Notable achievements toward the provision of quality public and/or assisted housing and quality of life improvements for the associated residents.

     2. Innovative practices to attain success.

    3.  Involvement in industry-related organizations, programs, and activities.

    4.  Awards and recognition received by the agency. 


Outstanding Individual Award

Individual who embodies commitment to solving housing and associated community problems. This individual should demonstrate excellence in leadership and advocacy and be proactive and engaged in the agency's future.
Agency Innovation Award


Agency should go above and beyond, to assist its residents in solving common problems, such as resident food insecurity, joblessness, creating family budgets and furthering education for lower income residents.  Programs should be well-utilized, and residents utilize consistent benefits.


Website Competition Award


Agency website should be visually appealing with an interesting mix of long and short articles and photos.  Each page must be inviting to read, with photos and captions to give the reader many entry points.  Page appeal should be accentuated by use of color, screening, boxing, typestyles, and graphics.  The website should also be easy for residents to navigate & provide them with a wealth of knowledge about the agency.  The website should additionally have a consistent look and should also be ADA Compliant. 


Newsletter Competition Award


Newsletters with exceptional design, function and appeal will be selected for small, medium, and large categories based on the following criteria:

     1.  Newsletters must have an interesting and appealing visual rhythm throughout, with a mix of long and short articles and photos.

     2.  Each page spread must be inviting to read, with an editorial mix of long and short articles, as well as photos and captions, to give the reader                  many entry points.  Page appeal can also be accentuated by the select use of color, screening, boxing, type styles and graphics.

     3.  The column format must be easy to read and provide layout flexibility.

     4.  Photos must be in focus and exhibit good contrast – absolute musts for readability.  Some sort of framing around the photos is usually                       visually appealing and sets them off from the text.

     5.  Newsletters must have plenty of in-depth coverage, but also reveal the personalities of their subjects.

     6.  Newsletters must have a consistent look throughout. 

Affiliate Member


Affiliate member who embodies commitment to solving housing and associated community problems and assist PHAs. 


Please call the FAHRO office and speak with Debra or Kim, at (850)205-5632 or via email at [email protected], or [email protected]